What is VisiDoc Viewing ?

SurDoc’s service is built upon an advanced document processing technology called VisiDoc.™


This technology converts documents into images for viewing, rather than a certain file format. (Original file formats are preserved for retrieval.) This offers many advantages for those viewing them:

No loss of formatting

Documents are converted into images called “VisiDocs” for display in the SurDoc viewer. This makes them display beautifully across devices without losing their original look and formatting.

No program or version restrictions

Never have someone tell you “I can’t open it” again. When you send someone a link to a document in your SurDoc account, they view the VisiDoc of that document. You don’t have to worry about them having the correct program or program version.

No device restrictions

Users can log in to SurDoc from ANY web-connected computer or device. It doesn’t matter if you’re a PC or Mac user, or what type of smartphone you have. You don’t even need to download any program or app to access the files – you can get to them through any modern web browser – like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox…

Ability to sign and annotate

Users can sign documents with their real signature and mark them with comments. This makes collaborating easy.

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VisiDoc Technical Details !



Made possible by global document standards

 Visual documents

SurDoc’s patented VisiDoc technology enables app- and platform-independent document viewing. These visual documents maintain their original look and formatting, just like a document written on paper, regardless of the hardware on which they are viewed.

Unstructured Operation Markup Language

The technology is based upon UOML (Unstructured Operation Markup Language). UOML is an OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) standard for document processing. It is not a file format, but rather an interface language for unstructured data that is represented through XML and SVG.

UOML is to unstructured documents as SQL (Structured Query Language) is to structured data – it provides a way to describe and manipulate all document contents and elements in a standardized fashion. VisiDoc™ handles not only visual document representation, but also all the various associated information (e.g., metadata, security rights, etc.). The approach UOML uses to modify visual documents is similar to working with traditional paper and, in using UOML, any document can be represented and described in its final form in a completely open format.

Distinct from PDFs

Unlike PDFs, VisiDocs are not a file format, but a document processing technology which offers unprecedented new capabilities for sharing, editing and combining text and image data – no matter what the source may be. Represented through both XML and SVG syntax, VisiDoc “Visual Documents” can be viewed, annotated and shared on any platform (PC, Mac®, Linux®, iOS®, Android®, Java® and more) with no downloads required – all that is needed to manipulate documents is a modern web browser that supports HTML5.

SurDoc – a leader in document technology

SurDoc has more than 100 patents related to the document management field and has been instrumental in the development of the UOML standard. Its CEO, Alex Wang, is a global expert on document standards technology. He is the chair of the OASIS UOML-X Technical Committee and a university professor.

To date, SurDoc is the only company that offers this type of app-independent solution centered around the UOML standard. While other companies update their software with each new technology, those who are using the UOML open standard are in a better position to serve the growing mobile/tablet user base.

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How is TruPrivacy different from other Cloud Storages !

SurDoc– TruPrivacy Technology

 SurDoc’s TruPrivacy security enables users to confidently upload files of sensitive information as it provides absolute privacy and protection.  This newly found security technology enables to protect data and file safe from hackers and other unauthorized third party. The data and file stored in SurDoc with this newly implemented technology is safe for even the employees of SurDoc. It ensures only the actual file owner has the access to the protected data stored in SurDoc. This breakthrough technology of SurDoc has been recognized and awarded TMC 2013 Cloud storage Excellance Award Winner.


How is TruPrivacy different from other Cloud Storages.

Most of the todays cloud based storage providers use a data storage technique known as deduplication.  Even though this technique is known for its efficiency, it is prone to exposure of data and files. Hence, SurDoc combines Data Deduplication and TruPrivacy for the highly secure storage of data. Most of the cloud storage providers utilize encryption methodology that uses encryption key to encrypt customer data. These keys if mismanaged the data and files can be exposed and loose privacy.

This is where SurDoc  performs encryption using TruPrivacy technology ensuring data security. SurDoc Invented a new algorithm to manage encryption keys. Every file is encrypted with a unique key , which is then encrypted before stored on the server. According the TruPrivacy technology only the user of the file can calculate the encryption key, that even the server has no knowledge of.

SurDoc is the ONLY company that offers its unique patent-pending privacy TruPrivacy technology.

 SurDoc celebrates this invention by launching an offer of giving away free 50 GB for 1 year account until November end. The code used to avail this offer is PRIVACYFORALL. Why not register with SurDoc when the security of data is confirmed like no other Cloud Storage Providers.

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Why NOT Grab while the grabbing is good !

SurDoc is the only online backup storage providing leading security for less. Protect your movies, photos, music, e-books , spreadsheets and documents with privacy for one year or more. SurDoc known for being a best online viewer as it has high fidelity viewing feature. SurDoc can be used on Android p

hones making our phone memories free and saving the files and documents securely for any future need. SurDoc can also be accessed from Desktop, laptop or your Tablet. No plug-ins or additional software is needed. It can be connected to any modern browser IE 9, Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox.

SurDoc also offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS, though you can access and share your files via any web browser. SurDoc also gives you more space, you will earn more space for referring friends (10 GB per pal) and sharing files (1 Gb for each share).


Sign up on the page to avail 200 GB free storage for one year using the promo code : SDSPL.  The page to visit is https://www.surdoc.com/sign-up/?promo=SDSPL.  So why not grab while the grabbing is good. If you have a Windows or Mac Operating System, you can download the SurDoc Desktop Client which helps choosing the folders you want to back up. You can choose any folder or path you desire. Another interesting perk of SurDoc is that your account is not limited to a single PC , it lets you back up from unlimited machines.

Surdoc is your own super cool cloud storage that you can back up your PC files with unlimited unique features like :

  • Auto uploading of files
  • Auto Backing up
  • Best Online Viewer
  • Easy file sharing through accounts like Google,Twitter and Facebook
  • Secured Privacy
  • Add signatures and comments to the documents on the go
  • Besides receiving 100 GB free, you also earn for referrals.

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SurDoc’s Breakthrough Development.

Privacy and Data protection is one of the most requested features by users of any Cloud-based Storage. With SurDoc these concerns are eliminated as they provide the TruPrivacy Technology which helps risk of leak of any sensitive data. Customers of SurDoc can finally use this Cloud storage to back up confidential or sensitive data with guaranteed privacy as even the employees within SurDoc do not have the access to the files or documents.


Generally most of the other Cloud Service providers use a key to encrypt files and documents, unfortunately the mismanagement of this key can lead to exposure of the customers data.  With this new technology of TruPrivacy, SurDoc has performed encryption such that a new algorithm is invented to manage encryption keys, which ensure data security and privacy. In Truprivacy every file is encrypted with a unique encryption key. This encryption key is then encrypted before being stored on a server. Hence only the customer who uses the file can calculate the encryption key. The server does not store the encrypted key, which is why only the user has the access to that particular file that he/she owns. The data is safe from hackers or any unauthorized industry or government associations or even the employees within the cloud service provider. The data is protected by military grade encryption.

Although SurDoc has made this breakthrough development in Cloud Storage Security technology, the costs involved for the customers are minimal. SurDoc is backed by a leading document technology company and $4 million from IDG ventures. Surdoc’s Cloud Service combines Crystal clear document viewing regardless the file format, and powerful signing and editing and sharing features. The users of SurDoc can access their files from any device or from anywhere with the confidence of maintaining the privacy.

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The changes are part of Google’s new ‘Hummingbird’ ranking system !

Google turns 15 and celebrates by smartening up search ! 


Google is now 15 years old, and the company is celebrating by smartening up its bread-and-butter technology, search, and adding new features such as comparisons and filters.

The new features are part of an advanced search ranking system that Google has been rolling out over the past several months, called “Hummingbird.” Hummingbird, a Google spokeswoman said, is designed to make users’ search results more useful and relevant, especially when they are asking the search engine long, complex questions.

Not too complex, though. The query, “What is Google planning to do for its 20th birthday,” did not produce any definitive answers.

Instead, Google used more simple queries to show how the new search tools, announced Thursday, work.

To start, Google is adding filters and comparisons to search. Both tools are designed to improve the intelligence of Knowledge Graph, Google’s developing technology to better understand search queries in their natural language, said Amit Singhal, senior VP of search.

With comparisons, users can enter queries such as “compare butter with olive oil,” or “compare Earth vs. Neptune,” and Google will display the results in a grid that makes clear the differences between the two. (While Earth has a 365-day orbital period, Neptune’s is 165 years, according to Google.)

The comparison tool does not work for all searches. A search for “compare Google vs. Facebook” did not present any such grid in its results.

The filters tool is meant to tackle questions that have multiple answers and let users dive deeper into each result. For example, users can search for “impressionist artists,” and a horizontal panel will appear at the top of the results page displaying photographs of people such as Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt, which people can click on to learn more. With the filters button, users can change their search to examine other styles of art, such as baroque or abstract.

The tool can give results for a broad range of topics. Top postmodern authors? The panel of photos starts with Don DeLillo, David Foster Wallace and William S. Boroughs. Los Angeles Dodgers pitchers? Brian Wilson, Clayton Kershaw and Ricky Nolasco.

But like comparisons, the filters tool does not work for everything. A search for “technology CEOs” yielded nothing, and neither did “James Bond villains.”

The company will also be releasing a new version of its Google Search app for the iPhone and iPad to help those devices better communicate with each other. With the update, people will be able to use one device, such as a tablet, to create a reminder of what to buy at the grocery store. Then, if the person walks into the store with a different device, such as an iPhone, a reminder will pop up.

The updated Google Search app is coming in the next couple of weeks, the company said.

Finally, the company is applying some cosmetic changes to search on mobile phones and tablets, to take out some of the clutter and present the search results on cards, “so you can focus on the answers you’re looking for,” Google said.

Source: techworld.com.au

SurDoc is offering up to 200GB free cloud space.

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Back up your Digital Life with SurDoc.

Which cloud based storage option is right for you ?

As more and more of our “possessions” exist in a digital format, the chance of them disappearing into thin air increases in turn. The need to back-up your precious data is highlighted in the strongest way, after you lose something that you can’t get back. The trick is for backing up your data before the unthinkable occurs.

Create a process for saving and backing up your files



Being able to store large amounts of data over the internet in a secure way is potentially the most comprehensive form of backup.

The cloud for those who are not familiar with the term means you can store files on the internet. Just like you can use Facebook to create photo albums and upload your photos – you can also store photos, videos and documents on a website that only you and your family have access to.

If we lost you in ‘cloud storage’ – then this article is for you.

Clouds you say?

In recent years, the way we store and share content has drastically changed, thanks to advances in online storage technology powered by the cloud.

When I was at school we had to back up important files to floppy discs. By the time I was in college we’d moved on to USBs. Now, cloud based storage allows us to back up important documents online, accessing them by logging in with a user name and password. Your documents and data are just a few keystrokes away – anywhere you’ve got internet access.

So which cloud based storage option is right for you?



This is still considered the best web-based cloud service for storing and sharing data. It’s easy to use, free for a basic package with paid-for accounts available depending on how much storage space you need as well as your remote access requirements, server hosting and accessibility.

However, there are a number of challengers to the throne and Dropbox could soon lose it’s place as the cloud storage service of choice. Dropbox only offers 2GB of data free, whereas other services are becoming more competitive with their offerings.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the more recent tweak to Google’s popular ‘Google Docs’, which allows you to store files and documents online, share them with others and access your documents anywhere using your Google login details. You get 15GB of storage free but there is ‘pay as you go’ costs as your storage requirements increase after that point.

Windows Live Mesh

Microsoft’s cloud storage service gets praise for its easy to use interface and generous 5GB storage space allowance. What’s really clever about Live Mesh is that it allows users to log on online and access their desktop remotely, pretty nifty if you need to access something on the move.

Sky Drive

If you need space, space and more space, Microsoft’s Sky Drive might be for you. It comes with a whopping 7GB of free storage free of charge, substantially beating the competition.


So what can surdoc offer the market that the dominant like Dropbox and challengers haven’t already got covered?

For a start, there’s 100GB of free storage on offer. The service also offers encryption to protect privacy with TruPrivacy Technology as well as different pricing plans depending on required storage space and bandwidth.

From YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kur_aVn6xB4

Do you use cloud based storage?

Get Additional 1TB Cloud Storage by #SurDoc !

Now a days almost every Internet geek is using a Cloud storage service. Most people using these services needs a great amount of storage space, but getting more storage for free is tough and can be pricey. This time a new cloud storage service Surdoc.com is providing a whooping 100GB free cloud storage.

Surdoc Get 100GB Free Cloud Storage from Surdoc.com

Image Credit: SurDoc.com

Surdoc.com is a company, headquartered in Menlo Park, California, in “Silicon Valley,”. Surdoc is a technology leader of secure, cloud-based storage and document technologies.

Surdoc.com is providing 100GB of free cloud storage for one year,  but there are option to get more storage upto 1TB with extended validity. Surdoc.com is a great cloud storage service to use.

Key Features of Surdoc.com 100GB Free Cloud Storage

1. Protection

Surdoc keeps your important data including photos, music, videos, and files safe by continuously backs you up throughout the day. So if your computer crashes, you doesn’t need to worry about losing your data.

2. Total Privacy

Surdoc.com takes your privacy very seriously. SurDoc’s TruPrivacy technology gives you exclusive control over your files’ encryption keys, which ensures nobody can see your files. Privacy of data in Surdoc.com is rock-solid.

3. Unlimited Computers

Surdoc.com back up the data of your all computers without any extra payment.

4. Efficient Backup

Surdoc backup your data efficiently. If you have uploaded a file or any data, Surdoc will only backs up the changes and new files since the last backup of data.

5. Integration of Social Media

You can log in in Surdoc with your Social Media and Mail accounts: Facebook, Google, Hotmail or Yahoo. You can also share your documents via Facebook and Twitter.

6. VisiDoc™ technology

You can view all your documents on all device without any hassle because of Surdoc’s VisiDoc™ technology.

How to get Surdoc’s 100GB Free Cloud Storage

To get 100GB Free Cloud Storage from Surdoc.com, below are steps to follow:

  • Visit the Official website.
  • Click on“Sign up for FREE 100GB” or “GET 100GB FREE“  button.
  • Here Registration Page will open.
  • You can either fill-up that registration form with required details or Sign up with your Facebook or Google or Outlook or Yahoo account and get 100GB free cloud storage.

Get Additional 1TB Cloud Storage

1TB Get 100GB Free Cloud Storage from Surdoc.com

Image Credit: SurDoc.com

You can earn additional FREE storage, up to 1TB with extended validity. That’s great. For getting additional storage, you just need to click the “Get more free space!” link inside your SurDoc account. You just need to share the invite code with your friends and family and whip you will get additional 10GB space with 1 year validity, if that person register with your link.

For those who are looking for more free storage, Surdoc’s 100GB Free Cloud Storage can remove their Cloud hunger.

SurDoc Offering 100GB Free Cloud Storage for One Year !

Cloud storage solution SurDoc is now offering a full year of a whopping 100GB storage for free, far outshining popular competitors like DropBox and Google Drive (whom only offer 5GB gratis). After a year, however, the price will jump to $30 annually to keep your 100GB online drive, or you can just downsize to 10GB with the rest of the plebes.


SurDoc also has a pretty cool referral plan that gets you 10GB extra storage for each friend you get to sign up, with which you can bump your storage to 30GB on the free (non-promotional) plan or 1TB with the yearly option.

You can also auto-backup data from all your devices, and/or set your smartphone’s photos, documents, videos &c. to auto-upload with their app for Android available here.